Driving, transportation and "How far away..." Questions

What major city would we fly into?

There are 2 options with the benefits and disadvantages to each below.

1.-Huatulco: usually competitive rates, easy to rent a car or take a cab from the airport (1 hour driving)

2.-Mexico city-Puerto Escondido: you have to find a connecting flight from Mexico city to Puerto Escondido (one hour flight) Currently there are no direct flights from the US or Canada to Puerto Escondido. Easy to rent car or take a cab.(one hour driving). 

What are your GPS Coordinates?

15.66551 -96.54676

What are the road conditions like?

Road conditions are relatively good. There are some areas of road repair and  expansion of the road going on, but everything else is on a fairly good road with widening and resurfacing projects going on. Specific road directions are on the map on the Casa Bagus web site.

How late is the gas station open and is it open on holidays?

The gas station is open around the clock and on holidays. Location on the map on Casa Bagus web side.

Can you rent a car in huatulco or Puerto Escondido?

Yes you can rent a car in the airport or in the city.

Do I need a 4-wheel drive to get around?

The roads are good enough all the way to Casa Bagus so you won't need a 4-wheel drive to get here. Around here there are some roads going to the mountain that need 4 wheel during rainy season.

Haw far is it from/to? 

NOTE: all times below are to/from Casa Bagus and assume conditions are normal - allow more time if driving in dark in rain or at rush hour.

Huatulco         33km to airport, 1hour

Puerto Escondido       62km to airport. 1 hour

San cristobal   568km 8 hours

Palenque         803km 12hours

Oaxaca city     261km 6hours

Mexico city     721km 12hours

Acapulco        464km 8hours

Is there any shuttle/public transportation or bus available from Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Pochutla  to your place? 

Yes there are several shuttle that travel into San Agustínillo. Or you could take a cab in Huatulco, Puerto Escondido or Pochutla that will take you to Casa Bagus in San Agustínillo.

If I’m traveling from other cities in Mexico can I travel to this area in bus?

Yes you can travel by bus. ADO bus schedule. 

I am going to drive around the Oaxaca state. Where can I find a good map?

The best map that we are aware of is a Canadian map of oaxaca state. You can buy it on Amazon.com or directly from:

International Travel Maps

530 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z 4A5

Does Casa Bagus have a shuttle service to and from Huatulco or Puerto Escondido ?

No, we are not allowed by law to offer that type of service. However, if you need a cab please tell us and send us the place, date and hour that you arive and we could help you sending a cab to pick you up.

Can you show me a map from the area?​​

The Rooms

Can you see the ocean from the cabanas/rooms?

All beachfront rooms have very good views of the beach, after all - you are on the beach.

Can you hear the ocean from the cabanas/rooms?

You most certainly can!

Is the safe box in the rooms free for use, or is there a separate fee for that?

There is no fee for the use of the room safes. We want you to use them and feel secure. Some have keys and some have combination codes. If we forget to give you a combination, please let us know.

Do you have 110 or 220 power?

We do not have 220 power. Mexico uses 110, the same power type and outlets as the US. We use solar powered to.

Do you have air conditioning?

Our 6 rooms have air conditioning, but remember we are so close to the beach that the breezes from the beach offer most of the cooling you will need. During the winter months, you may even find yourself getting cold at night!

Making Reservations

How do I secure a reservation?

To secure your reservation at Casa Bagus:

We require a minimum 50% for the full amount to secure your reservation, which is non-refundable booking fee. Please contact us by e-mail.


Do you have "Boogie Boards, surf, paddle or snorkel gear" or other water equipment that we can use?

We don’t have this equipment but you will find Boogie Boards, Stand up paddle boards and snorkels for rent by the day here in San Agustínillo.

What should I bring to have fun?

We've put together a packing list to help you make the most of your vacation -- its not fun to come unprepared, especially when the destination is a remote location.

Are there other shops and restaurants within walking distance?

yes of course you could fine a lot of diferent options.

What about night life in San Agustínillo?

There is not night life in San Agustinillo but we have a lot of diferent restaurants here most of them are open in the day time, but there are a few bars in Mazunte but they close at 11pm.

Services and facilities

Do you have phones?

We do not have phones in any of the rooms. We only have cell phone coverage.

Do you have safe box in the room?

yes we do.

Can you tell me who the service provider is that has cell signals down there? 


Do you have laundry facilities?

We don’t have that facility. But in town you easily find a laundry.

Do you have beach towels?

We don't supply beach towels in the rooms at Casa Bagus.


Checking in and Checking out

What is Check-in and Check-out time?

Checkout time is 12:00 and Check-in is 2:00pm.

If I arrive after 10:00, is there someone around? How do I check in?

If you have a reservation, we will be expecting you and will be happy to get up and show you to your room. Staff quarters are close to the parking area. We will formally check you in first thing in the morning. 


Restaurant and Meals

What are meal times?

Coffee is ready at about 6:15, Hot breakfast is 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM, Continental breakfast from 9:00 - 10:00, Lunch is 12:00-2:30, Dinner is 7:00-9:00 in the winter and later in the summer (because of daylight savings time it gets dark later and we find that most people want to take advantage of every minute of sun). If these times do not work, and you are a guest with us, please let us know and we will be happy to work something out with you. We also can pack you a sack lunch for the day​.

Do you have a small pub?

Yes, the bar is open until 8:00 at night.

Do you have room service?


Do you have kids menu?


Can I pay with credit or debit card in the restaurant?

Sorry we don’t accept cards. You have to pay in cash.

Can I open a bill on the restaurant with my room number?

Yes of course but you have top ay the total amount every day.

Do you have special dinners?

Yes please ask with the staff


Weather and Conditions Questions

When is the rainy season?

The rainy season is from May to October. "Rainy" it’s not real because here it since not to many rain. 

When is the hurricane season?

Hurricane season which usually begins mid 15 of May and finished in October.

What is the best time to visit San Agustinillo? 

We get asked this all the time. I have finally decided that any month is good depending on what you want out of a vacation. (Average rainfall and temperature you could check it from www.worldclimate.com)


Questions about the water, beach, snorkeling, diving and swimming

Do you have a sandy beach?


How quickly does it get deep?

It gets waist high pretty quickly making it a good swimming and snorkeling beach, but some month of the year it have big waves.

How far can I walk along the beach?

There is nothing to stop you from walking as far as you have daylight and energy (bring sunscreen to reapply on the tops of your feet and ankles). 

Is there swimming, fishing, or snorkeling from shore or do you have to go. Out on a boat or dock?

You can swim, fish or snorkel from shore.

I am concerned about the strength of the surf & if the beach is sheltered by the reefs & easy swimming? Does it shelve out gradually?

We have a sandy shore and therefore an ever changing beachfront. Storms can create some pretty strong surge which beats up the shoreline causing some uneven or soft spots. It can even unearth large shells and pieces of coral. Other times the water is like glass and the sand hard and level a long way out.


Money Questions

Once I am at Cassa Bagus, do you accept credit cards?

We have Internet connection at the beach, which is our only way of accepting credit card payments. If the Internet connection is working we can accept credit card payment (Visa or Master card) but with extra charge, there is always a chance that we may not have internet service or your credit card may not be accepted in Mexico. 

Please plan on either paying in advance or bringing enough cash USD or pesos to pay for your stay.

Where is the nearest ATM?

There are several ATMs in Mazunte (700mts or 0.5 miles) The closest is in front of the turtle museum. 

Can I pay with US dollars or euro in San Agustínillo ?

Yes. While most items are priced in pesos, some places will accept US dollars or euro but not coins. 

Do gas stations accept credit cards?

Gas stations in Mexico takes visa and MasterCard. Do NOT hand any attendant your card but walk with them to the machine where they run the card and make sure it is only run once.

Should we buy traveler's checks?

Traveler's checks are not accepted in the area. 

Can I exchange money at the airport?

Yes you could change money in the airport of Mexico City and in Mazunte there is few ATM machine all around and near the turtle museum.  YOU COULD PAY IN USDLLS OR €.


General Questions

Are there lots of mosquitoes? 

Here are mosquitoes at certain times of the year and depending on the amount of rain that comes during the rainy season, just bring a good mosquito repellent to prevent.

Do you have screens or mosquito nets?

the 6 rooms with air conditioning don’t needed.

Do you have testimonials from other guests?

Yes, we have had many guests who have been kind enough to send us pictures of their visits and send unsolicited comments about their experience.

Do you allow dogs or other pets?

Yes. We do allow dogs or other pets on the first floor. Please just respect the quiet of others. You will be asked to leave if the animal is an excessive noisy and bothers other guests.